Mouthguards & Night Guards in Denver, CO

Protect What Matters: Custom Mouthguards & Night Guards

Have you ever sustained a sports or recreation injury that also affected your mouth? Do you wake up with jaw soreness, headaches, or mysterious chips in your teeth? Here at Lowry Advanced Dentistry, Dr. Michael Hoagburg sees many patients with these overlooked symptoms linked to insufficient protection from collisions, accidents, and teeth grinding. But take heart – effective solutions exist to spare your smile. 

Custom-fitted mouth guards from Dr. Hoagburg cushion forceful impacts that wreak dental havoc. Discreet night guards shield against relentless grinding that threatens healthy function over time. Protecting cherished smiles inspires our whole dental team daily – we can’t wait to help you safeguard yours! Start your journey by calling our Denver, CO, office at 303-333-5148.

What are Mouthguards and Nightguards?

Mouth guards and night guards are essential dental appliances that provide adequate protection to your teeth and gums, especially during sports activities or when grinding and clenching your teeth at night. Dr. Hoagburg strongly recommends using these guards in Denver, CO, to ensure optimal dental health and prevent dental trauma. You can trust these guards to provide adequate protection while you play your favorite sports or sleep peacefully at night.

Types of Mouth Guards:

There are many kinds of mouthguards to choose from:

  • Stock Mouth Guards: These preformed, one-size-fits-all guards offer basic protection.
  • Boil and Bite Mouth Guards: Made from thermoplastic material, they can be softened and molded to fit the teeth for better comfort and protection.
  • Custom-made Mouth Guards: Crafted by dentists from impressions of the teeth, they provide the most personalized and secure fit.

Choosing the Right Mouth Guard:

Dr. Hoagburg advises considering specific factors when choosing a mouthguard in Denver:

  • Assess the sport and level of play to determine the appropriate type of guard
  • Select the right thickness and fit for maximum protection
  • Ensure it allows for normal breathing and speech
  • Opt for a durable, comfortable, and easy-to-clean mouthguard

Using and Caring for Your Guards

Mouth Guards

For boil and bite guards, allow 15 to 20 minutes to soften and mold according to manufacturer instructions.

  • Ensure a snug fit that doesn’t easily dislodge during use.
  • Maintain hygiene by rinsing under cold water before and after each use.
  • Periodically clean with a toothbrush and toothpaste, avoiding chewing on the guard or exposing it to sunlight.

Regularly inspect for wear and tear, replacing it when necessary to maintain optimal protection.

Night Guards

Dr. Hoagburg also recommends night guards for preventing teeth grinding and clenching during sleep. These guards, available in stock, boil and bite, or custom-made options, protect teeth from chipping and alleviate jaw pain. Night guards are especially beneficial for preventing dental issues caused by nighttime teeth grinding.

Frequently Asked Questions

What sports most often require mouthguards?

Mouth guards are for any sport with the potential for face, mouth, or jaw trauma. Custom guards are for higher-impact collision activities like football, hockey, boxing, wrestling, skateboarding, and basketball. Always discuss athletic interests with your dentist, who can gauge guard necessity.

Do mouthguards help curb grinding and clenching?

While mouth guards themselves don’t prevent bruxism habits, they do provide a protective barrier so this force doesn’t damage teeth and jaws. Night guards can withstand the clamping pressure from sleep grinding. Consult your dentist about managing root causes for habitual teeth grinding with stress reduction methods, physical therapy, or medication.

Can my child have a custom mouthguard made?

Absolutely! Custom mouth guard fittings often start around age 13, depending on the child’s stage of oral development. Impressions can capture emerging permanent teeth while still allowing room for growth. Early protection against sports collisions helps ensure your child feels confident staying active without risk of injury. Schedule an appointment to discuss mouthguard options for your child.

Do dental insurance plans cover the cost of mouthguards?

Some providers include partial or full coverage for mouthguards deemed medically necessary. For example, bruxism night guards may qualify given their therapeutic protective capacity. Contact your insurance company directly to find out the specifics of your preventive dental coverage before an appointment for the best financial estimates. Dental practices also offer in-house savings plans to cut costs.

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