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Healthy Holiday Foods to Enjoy

If you have been good all year and like to indulge during the holidays be careful. Your teeth and gums are just as important when it comes to those over indulgent parties you enjoy so much. Furthermore, healthy holiday foods are abundant as long as you know where to look. Dr. Leif Gambee explains that

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Invisalign® as Only the Best will Do

Custom made removable braces from Invisalign® are only available from a licensed dentist in Denver. In fact, getting reeled in by those oh so attractive clear braces ads could land you in the deep end without a net. In other words, steer clear of mail order removable aligners that claim to straighten teeth without a

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CEREC® Because Time Really is Money

If you have been considering a dental crown but would rather not take the time for two, or possibly three, dental appointments, it’s time to call and schedule a CEREC® consultation with Lowry Advanced Dental. Lowry Advanced Dental is a licensed provider of the CEREC® system and can fit you with a crown on the

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Six Month Smile Consulation Denver

What if you could have the smile of your dreams in just six months. A beautiful healthy grin that is straighter and whiter. While it may sound like fiction, it is possible.  What is a Six Month Smile? Lowry Advanced Dental explains that it is exactly what it says it is. A six month plan of

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Virtual Smile Consultation Dentistry

A virtual smile consultation is the way of the future and well with in your reach thanks to Lowry Advanced Dental. While dentistry is different it hasn’t progressed to the virtual realm quite yet as you still have to see your dentist in Denver if you want to have your cavity filled or your gums

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Same Day Dentistry when Time is an Issue

Same day dentistry from Lowry Advanced Dental in Denver is just what the dentist ordered, especially if you have been putting off that much needed crown or teeth whitening session because you don’t have the time. Lowry Advanced Dental offers patients same day dentistry whether you want your teeth lightened for your daughter’s wedding in

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