A missing tooth is like an open door to a lot of awkward moments. Even 5-7 year old kids find it hard to deal with a gap in their dentition when they lose their baby teeth. As an adult, it is a different game altogether; it is almost impossible to regrow a tooth as an adult. It doesn’t stop there; a missing tooth leaves a gap in your smile and a dent in your confidence.

Sometimes, it is not just a case of a missing tooth; it might be that of a cracked or a chipped tooth. Whichever it may be, the affected individual is bound to be subjected to some discomfort. Over a long time, one might get used to it, or it might become a prolonged subjection to health and psychological issues.

We all desire to feel good about ourselves, and give broad smiles and speak freely in public without feeling embarrassed. Despite all the caution one might take to ensure that all is well with their dentition. You may still fall victim to tooth loss due to an injury, decay or periodontal disease. It becomes essential that you take a step towards getting all the comfort you need. Replace a missing tooth before it brings on more detrimental consequences.

What are Dental Implants?

A dental implant is an intra-oral prosthetic frame made from titanium. They offer a permanent solution in replacement of fallen or cracked teeth. The implants are fused to a jawbone beneath the gums, to provide a firm foundation for the attachment of artificial teeth. When compared to other tooth replacement options, dental implants stand out as the best option from whichever angle one may look at it. Dental implants ensure that you don’t have to deal with unnecessary adhesives or another replacement. More so, they are easy to fix.

They Are More Comfortable, Safer And Healthier!

Dental implants come with a super pack of advantages, which is the reason why you should consider the procedure. Here, we will give you a few insights on what you stand to gain when you opt for a dental implant.

Other tooth replacement options might require that adjacent teeth be ground down to stabilize a replacement tooth. As well people tend to get uncomfortable with other dentures, due to gagging, soreness or poor ridging. These effects make it a bit difficult for them to speak or eat with ease.

With a dental implant, your dentition will be in perfect order; improving your appearance and comfort. The adjacent teeth are not affected by dental implants, assuring that your oral health is enhanced, rather than being altered.

And, Teeth Tomorrow® Makes It All The More Interesting!

As with every other procedure out there, a perfect result is most associated with experience and professionalism. Therefore, you should go to the best dentist. Dr. Bonbright of Denver Dental stands as an authority in this procedure.  Perfecting his skills with custom Prettau® Zirconia full-arch bridge, which is the only dental implants approved by two globally recognized studies!

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