Meet the Team

Meet the Team

We would be remiss if we failed to introduce you to the amazing team of professionals working at our practice in Denver. Cosmetic dentists like Dr. Gambee rely on an expert support staff to help them reach the highest standards of patient care. When a team works well together, magnificent results naturally follow.

Each member of our team is fantastic! Their skills are complementary in so many ways. They are vital to everything I do.
Leif Gambee

Dr. Leif Gambee is a firm believer in continuing education, and our team is fully cross-trained, ready to help one another, and happy to do it too! Our patients tell us how much they appreciate the warm and cooperative atmosphere in our office–you’ll notice the difference right away! We’d love for you to take a moment to meet the members of our team:

Team Members

Kirt | Office Manager

Kirt is really excited to be working with the Lowry Advanced Dentistry Team.  Focusing on exceptional patient experiences and happy smiles is top priority.

His personal motto, “One person can make a difference,” is apparent in everything he does from dentistry to fishing on the beach, hiking, biking, hunting, and church every Sunday.

While his pet peeves are slow drivers in the fast lane and people who chew with their mouth open, Kirt is willing to help anyone in need.

A must have morning coffee kind of guy, you’ll find Kirt doing anything outdoors while occasionally enjoying a light beer or a Manhattan by the fire. His ultimate goal? “To visit all 50 states before he moves on.

Make sure to introduce yourself to Kirt on your next visit to Lowry Advanced Dentistry

Luz Martinez | E.D.D.A

Luz moved to Colorado in 2005 and loves the area. She became a dental assistant and an E.D.D.A in 2015 with a certificate from the Pickens Technical College. With a personality that everyone can’t get enough of, Luz just loves to help people and is passionate about continued education.

Her dedication shows whether it’s providing moral support to the team or spending time with her boyfriend and dog Chico. Luz’ attitude is just as contagious as her smile. Luz’ motto? “The happiest people don’t have the best of everything; they just MAKE the best of everything.”

Luz’ goal in life is to buy a home and visit her family in Mexico. Luz’ loves to cook and clean and enjoys camping with family and friends and occasional visits to see her dad in her home state of California.

Christel | Dental Hygienist

For more than 20 years, Christel has been a dental hygienist. Moving from Michigan to Colorado in 2008, this hard working woman is passionate about her job and loves people.

With her caring nature, Christel is passionate about the dental industry and her job. Christel loves getting up in the morning almost as much as she loves paddle boarding.

As the mother of five children, she is nurturing and caring with both her family and her patients. People can’t stop talking about Christel and her gentle and kind nature. During her time off Christel enjoys daily walks with her Siberian Husky while dreaming of strolls along the beach in Bora Bora.

Samara "Miles" Smiles| Dental Hygienist

Samara is so thrilled to be part of the Lowry Advanced Dentistry Team.  Samara is hardworking, upbeat and super friendly.  Samara is always bringing great ideas and implementation to our office systems, trying to make patient experiences better at all times.

Samara is the proud mother of son Raphael.  She enjoys spending time with family and getting out to explore beautiful places around Colorado.

Hobbies outside work consist of doing nails, shopping at outlet malls, concerts, bowling, and much more.  

Please introduce yourself to Samara upon your next visit to Lowry Advanced Dentistry.

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