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Dr. Leif Gambee, DMD

“We look forward to meeting you soon at Lowry Advanced Dentistry!  Our commitment to clinical excellence, amazing service and warm care is our utmost priority.”


I was born and raised in Oregon City, then attended Gonzaga University for my undergrad in Spokane, Washington. Following my undergrad, I was fortunate enough to return home and continue my education at OHSU in their dental program. Little did I know, OHSU would assign me a second-year mentor who would eventually become my wife, my mentor for life.

My wife Jacqueline is from Arizona, but we are both Oregonians at heart.  Our journey has led us on countless road trips in the constant search for the perfect setting to plant our roots.  We recently welcomed a new baby to the family!

We are so excited to be living in Denver Colorado now!  Lowry Advanced Dentistry is an extraordinary Practice and we’re honored to be here.

I’m looking forward to meeting you all!

Born and raised in Oregon City, Dr. Leif Gambee has always wanted to be a dentist. 

Dr. Gambee attended Gonzaga University in Spokane WA. Following his undergrad work, he returned to his home and continued his dental education at OHSU where he would meet his mentor for life, Jacqueline. Dr. Gambee’s wife was his second year mentor and a native of Arizona, but fell in love with Oregon and calls herself an Oregonian, just like Dr. Gambee.

After numerous road trips, the two set up camp and planted roots in Denver Colorado. The two have recently welcomed two new additions to the family, a new baby, and Lowry Advanced Dental.

Dr. Gambee describes himself as, “Determined, Passionate, and Compassionate,” and so do his patients.  


  • Undergrad at Gonzaga University, Spokane WA
  • Continued education at OHSU Dental Program
Dental Dentist

“Our goal as a team is not to merely meet the needs of our patients, rather to exceed them. So many patients are fearful and also ashamed because of their dental condition. It is not for me to be judgmental; my role is to help people. And the best way for me to that is to attentively listen and respond to our patient’s feelings and needs.”

Dr. Leif Gambee

Lowry Advanced Dentistry

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