Manual Toothbrush vs. Electric

Your choice of toothbrush can have a huge impact on your level of oral hygiene; toothbrushes which aren’t up to the job won’t be able to get those hard-to-reach spaces between teeth where food debris can fester, and toothbrushes that are too hard or stiff may end up scraping your gums and opening the tissue for a chance of infection. Ideally, you want to have the right balance between flexibility and firmness when you’re selecting the best brush for cleaner teeth.

That said, there are other options: Do you go manual, or do you pick electric? Both have advantages that are worth considering.

Manual Brushes:

  • More affordable than electric toothbrushes, and obviously easier to purchase if you’re traveling. Manual toothbrushes are just simple devices that you can use to clean your teeth. They don’t require batteries, which themselves can rack up your dental expenses, nor will you need to worry about charging stations in the case of rechargeable electric toothbrushes.
  • Many options available in terms of firmness of brush, style of handle, and so on. A manual toothbrush is easy to replace as well if you’re still trying to figure out which style of brush is best for your teeth.
  • Can encourage slower brushing. The sensation of using an electric toothbrush, with its sound and its vibrations, may cause you to speed up your brushing sessions. That, in turn, could lead to you not brushing as much as you should, or as long.

Electric Brushes:

  • Many styles. Electric toothbrushes used to be large devices with handles that housed several AA-style batteries, but developments in technology have led to slimmer profiles. There are even more affordable electric brushes that merely provide gentle vibration of the brush head, as opposed to rotating motors. Not quite as cheap as manual brushes, these alternative electric models are a middle ground.
  • May clean more efficiently. Electric brushes with rotating heads may be able to remove more plaque than their manual counterparts when used properly.
  • Kids, and adults, typically prefer them. For a “dentist-clean” feel, when used properly, it’s hard to beat the electric brush.

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