Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy

About Laser Therapy

As dental technology advances, newer treatment options become available. For this reason, it is very important to select a dental provider like Dr. Leif Gambee who stays up-to-date with technology, ready to perform and utilize the latest therapies available. Treatments of the past which may have seemed rigorous, have become simpler, safer, and more comfortable through laser dentistry! Famous for his gentle, compassionate dentistry, Denver patients love how Dr. Gambee puts their comfort, health, and well-being first through the use of modern technology.

What is laser dentistry?

A laser is a highly focused beam of light. In dentistry, lasers have many uses to benefit our patients smiles. At our practice, we use a laser in periodontal treatments to clear out infected tissues, promoting healthy gums. In cosmetic cases, we use lasers to precisely contour gumlines, correct a “gummy smile”, or perfect the look of dental implants and veneers.

What benefits do dental lasers provide?

  • Pain-free treatments
  • Quick recovery times
  • Incredible precision
  • Halts the growth of bacteria
  • Beautiful gum contouring lines

A leader in laser dentistry in Denver

At Lowry Advanced Dentistry in Denver, we are always investigating the newest treatment methods available for our patients. Early on we saw the potential of dental lasers and having been using them daily ever since.

It just makes good sense to choose an advanced dentist like Dr. Gambee as your dental care provider. You, too, can benefit from cutting-edge treatments using laser dentistry