How to Treat a Chipped Tooth

How to Treat a Chipped Tooth

Tooth enamels play the role of one of the most durable materials that function to protect the underlying layers of your teeth. Also, your enamels can effectively break down foods so that you can digest more. Tooth enamels are durable but and can be damaged at any point just as your bones can break from an injury or an accident. When a mouth injury occurs, it may be as a result of a chipped tooth. In some cases, the tooth can break into multiple pieces completely. Also, a chipped tooth can occur as a result of biting your nails, chewing on the cover of pens, or even using your teeth to open packages. Your enamels can also chip and crack due to the weakening from the tooth decay.

Furthermore, a chipped tooth can make your teeth susceptible to additional breakage or affect the aesthetics of your smile. The physician may recommend numerous kinds of treatment options, but it depends on the size of and whether the chip has planted a significant impact on the underlying layers or the gums. Here are the common chipped tooth treatments for your tooth enamels:

Composite Resins

Composition resin as the name implies is a combination of ceramic and plastics, and it is traditionally used to repair a tooth with a cavity. This method can also be used to fix a chipped tooth. In the course of the treatment, the doctor will thoroughly clean and dry the tooth. Then, choose the appropriate color of composite resin to blend with the natural shade of your teeth and then mold the resin carefully over the damaged part of the tooth.  This treatment is affordable and can be performed in just one visit to a dentist. When it is fully treated, the result can last till the end of time.

Dental Crowns

In a situation whereby the chip affects only one of your molars, the tooth requires a more resilient solution because they are frequently used for breaking down foods and chewing. In such cases, dental crowns are offered. This restorative solution provides functionality and stability to the affected area to bring a realistic result. Your dental crowns can be customized to cover the damaged tooth. The procedure for dental crown usually takes about to office visit to the dentist. During the first visit, the tooth will be prepared, and the impression will be taken and then sent to the laboratory for examination. After the first visit, the crown will be secured permanently visit during subsequent visits.

Porcelain Veneers

For patients suffering from chipped teeth, the porcelain veneer is also a method of treatment. The porcelain veneers are designed to offer advanced durability and long-lasting result as compared with the composite resin method. This treatment can be considered irreversible because as a result of a little amount of enamel removal. Patients that struggle with dental sensitivity or those who do not subscribe to natural teeth alteration may prefer to choose composite resin. Typically, veneers take up to two office visits, but it can last for several decades before the results are achieved.

Do you have a Chipped Tooth?

Do not wait till your chipped tooth keep you from showing off your pearly whites. We can restore your smile with any of the above-listed treatment options. Contact Us today at Chipped Tooth Denver to learn more about our services.

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