Get Precise Treatment with Laser Dentistry

It might sound like something out of science fiction, but medical science has made considerable advances with laser treatment in many different fields of research and application. You may already be aware of laser eye surgery, or even lasers being used to remove unwanted tattoos, but what about lasers used in dental applications? It could be more beneficial than you imagine.

Dr. Bonbright is a trained and certified dental laser service provider, who regularly stays up to date and trained on the latest in dental laser applications. Treatments with laser dentistry can work to clean and heal gums, as well as more comfortably and precisely shape gum lines without the need for painful surgery.

By utilizing some of the most trusted technology in the industry, Dr. Bonbright can provide patients with a far more relaxing and rewarding experience during their next office visit. With dental laser procedures, patients often see:

  • Less discomfort. Lasers are precise, and trained dentists can use them to make very exact changes to the gum line, or to target problem areas without the need for scalpels or other invasive tools. It all combines for less trauma to the targeted site.
  • Faster recoveries. Less work to actually correct the problem means less tissue that needs to recover, which also means faster recovery times. Dental lasers are safe enough to perform many of the same procedures that dentists relied on metal tools to do in the past, but in far faster, far more accurate ways.
  • Easy contouring. Finally, any work performed on the gums means putting sensitive soft tissue at risk, but that risk is greatly reduced by using these accurate and effective lasers specifically designed with dental procedures in mind.

If you’re interested in what Dr. Bonbright can do to improve your gum health, or if you’re just curious about dental laser procedures, call our office at your earliest convenience. We can answer any questions that you might have, and provide consultations and examinations to see if laser dentistry is the answer to your dental concerns. We’re sure you’ll see a difference in how you feel.

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