Crowns - Restorative Dentistry

Our CEREC same-day technology allows you to receive a crown in just one convenient appointment.

About Crowns

You deserve the best treatment available!

A dental crown (also known as a cap) is a strong, attractive prosthetic placed on top of a damaged tooth, completely rebuilding it. Among restoration methods, crowns are highly recommended by dentists. In Denver, CO, the home of Lowry Advanced Dentistry, Dr. Leif Gambee is ready to introduce you to the benefits of this excellent treatment option.

Dental crowns benefit you in two ways:

  1. Superior Function
    Since we depend on strong teeth to properly chew, digest, and enjoy our food, crowns are a wise investment. Once your crowns are in place you’ll literally feel the strength they provide. Go ahead and eat the foods you love, even the ones you previously avoided due to difficulty chewing. A tooth protected by a crown is ready to work for you!
  2. Elegant Appearance
    Made from carefully color-matched ceramic, crowns have the ability to transform the look of your smile! Damaged teeth often show tell-tale signs of wear including a darkened color, chipping, or visible metal from fillings. Crowns can change any of these issues, providing a beautifully enhanced aesthetic. You’ll want to show off your smile at every opportunity!

The CEREC advantage:

  • No goopy impressions are necessary – our 3D camera scans your tooth in seconds!
  • No temporaries – Because your crown is prepared while you wait, you need just one appointment.
  • A great fit – 3D imaging allows for incredibly precise preparation of your one-of-a-kind crown. In addition, this means you’ll experience fewer sensitivity issues.

Did you know that less than 20% of dentists in Denver even own a CEREC machine? With decades of experience in restorative dentistry, and years utilizing the CEREC technology, Dr. Leif Gambee is an obvious choice for the expert placement of your crown.

Schedule your appointment with us today, we can’t wait to meet you!