Can Invisalign Lead to Better Dental Health?

Invisalign dental alignment trays are a true miracle for patients that are interested in straighter teeth, but who aren’t as interested in the bonding, wires, and brackets that are associated with traditional braces. With the Invisalign system, you use a series of trays which change over time to gently guide your teeth into place. It’s generally more comfortable than wire braces, and can even produce straighter teeth on a much faster schedule.

There are other benefits to using Invisalign, however, and while they may also extend to traditional braces, the aforementioned speed at which Invisalign can align your teeth may make a big difference in the rate of improvement to your oral health as a whole.

Crowding and Gum Health

One of the issues that Invisalign and other dental alignment systems work to manage are teeth that become “crowded,” which is when teeth grow or align too closely to one another. When this occurs, it leads to two major concerns:

  • Friction between teeth and improper bite, which can lead to a wearing down of dental enamel. This isn’t specific to gum health, but it can lead to other oral health concerns that can affect the gums, such as breakage or dental abscess. In more extreme cases, it can lead to improper bite alignment which can increase friction on the gums, among other problems.
  • Difficulty of cleaning between teeth. The major issue for gum health will be food that becomes trapped between teeth, or otherwise rubs against the gums due to crowding. For some food, this may not be a problem, but for hard food material, such as popcorn kernels, chips, or any flaked food, it can lead to cuts on the gums, which in turn increases your chances of infection.

Dental alignment is about more than just cosmetic improvements; it’s also about hygiene. By having teeth that are properly and professionally corrected in their alignment, you help to make teeth easier to clean as well, and reduce the occurrence of food becoming trapped between teeth.

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