6 Month Smiles

6 Month Smiles - Cosmetic Dentistry

6 Month Smiles Denver CO

What could you do in six months? You could hit the gym and see some improvements, especially with the right diet. You could work on learning another language. What if you knew that in six months, you could have a smile that’s 100% better than when you started?

It might sound like a dream, but Denver Dental’s Six Month Smile system can make it a reality for you. Whatever your current dental profile is, you could have the potential to unlock a brighter, happier smile in half a year’s time.

Are you unsatisfied with the color of your teeth, or with slight alignment issues? Do you have teeth that are damaged, and embarrassing to you when you smile as a result? Do you have issues with your gum line?

These are all issues that have their roots in both cosmetic and general dentistry, and they’re more than possible to solve when you choose a great dentist like Dr. Leif Gambee.

At Denver Dental, we can work with patients to create a comprehensive plan of action that will make great improvements to the way that you feel about your smile.

Six months is all that it can take to feel like a whole new you.

A Faster Way to Improve Your Smile

For a lot of people, the promise of a better smile in six months may sound like a fantasy, but the truth is that it’s more than achievable when you’re working with a dentist that knows how to provide effective, accurate treatment and procedures that don’t waste your time.

Dr. Gambee’s vast amount of experience in the field of dental care translates into realistic plans of action and treatment, realistic time tables, and unbelievable results.

  • Keep it all in your budget. Taking on your dental concerns piece by piece might make sense if you look at the individual costs, but when you add it all up, it can become more expensive than choosing a more comprehensive package of services and procedures, such as what the Six Month Smile program can provide. Speak with us to compare costs and savings.
  • Work on your schedule. Six months is a fairly short period to make some fairly big improvements, but that’s exactly why so many teenagers and working adults choose this style of dental improvement. Six months could mean straighter, whiter teeth, along with solutions to dental problems you may have been dealing with your entire life.
  • All under one roof. Finding a dentist that you can trust is a challenge, so imagine how much easier you’ll feel about your dental care when all of your cosmetic needs are being taken care by one office. That’s one staff that’ll always welcome you with a smile, one system that will have all of your dental information for treatments, prescriptions, and history, and one dentist that’s more than familiar with the best way to provide treatment.
  • Follow up care and more. After your six-month improvement program is complete, you can trust the team at Denver Dental to provide fast, comprehensive follow up care, check-ups, and other appointments that will make sure that your smile stays looking great long after you’re done.

To learn more about our Six Month Smile program, or to get an examination and a consultation to learn more about how we can personalize your dental care for improvements in as little as half a year, just contact our office to set up an appointment today. We look forward to showing you how easy it can be to turn about half a year into a lifetime of improvement.

There are many dentists in Denver, CO, but there is only one Dr. Gambee.