Tobacco is a Killer for Overall and Oral Health


Everyone knows the dangers of tobacco use. The tar and nicotine causes cancer and other health problems. However, tobacco and teeth and gums aren’t a good match either. In fact, if you smoke or chew you are twice as likely to suffer from gum disease and eventually lose your teeth affecting your overall oral health.

Lowry Advanced Dentistry cannot stress the importance of quitting the habit. Whether you smoke cigarettes, a cigar, a pipe or a hookah you are putting your overall and oral health at risk.

Tobacco Gums and Oral Health

Smoking does more than stain your teeth; in fact, it is just as bad for your gums. Whether you enjoy a pinch between your cheek and gum or can’t give up your pack a day smoking habit, it leads to gum disease as smokers and chewers are more likely to have more plaque than people who don’t use tobacco.

Dr. Leif Gambee explains that smoking means less oxygen in your bloodstream. Less oxygen means your gums are more difficult to heal.

According to your Denver dentist smokers gums don’t heal. This leads to gingivitis and if left untreated, the more serious and incurable periodontal disease.

You Could Lose Your Teeth

Gum disease also gets under your gums. This causes loose teeth. Loose teeth eventually fall out. It’s also important to note that food particle build-up and bacteria lead to plaque. Plaque eventually turns into tartar which is impossible to brush away. Tartar must be removed by a dentist or dental hygienist.

When you smoke or chew tobacco, you are also causing problems for bone and soft tissue. Research indicates that smoking may interfere with normal gum tissue cell function.

If you already have gingivitis your disease is twice as likely to progress to periodontitis. This incurable gum disease eats away at the gum line, causes pockets to form between teeth and gums and will cause tooth loss.

You Aren’t Any Safer with Chewing Tobacco

Unfortunately, some people believe that chewing tobacco is safer than smoking tobacco. Sadly, this is far from the case.

Chewing tobacco contains well over 50 additional chemicals and lots of sugar. Your Denver dentist will tell you that tobacco companies use sugar to flavor the chewing tobacco.

Chewing tobacco also causes oral cancers. In fact, people who chew tobacco are twice as likely to get some sort of oral cancer, with tongue and throat being in the top 10.

Bad Breath and Annoying Consequences

Most people, unless they smoke as well, don’t like to be around smokers. If you smoke you probably have to go somewhere to quarantine yourself while you indulge in your habit.

If you are around non-smokers you have probably seen them cover their noses after you have had a smoke or a chew. Chronic halitosis is a by-product of tobacco use.

Kick the Habit for Overall and Oral Health

If you are having problems quitting talk to your doctor or dentist in Denver. When you have motivation behind you there is nothing you can’t do. Just think what it will do for your oral health.

Call and schedule a dental appointment with Lowry Advanced Dentistry today.

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