Six Month Smile Consulation Denver


What if you could have the smile of your dreams in just six months. A beautiful healthy grin that is straighter and whiter. While it may sound like fiction, it is possible. 

What is a Six Month Smile?

Lowry Advanced Dental explains that it is exactly what it says it is. A six month plan of action to get your smile back to health. It really is possible regardless of what kind of smile you are starting with.

The Six Month Smile system can change the color of your teeth or fix that alignment issue that has been bothering you for years. This system can also help your gummy smile and those chipped and cracked teeth.

By creating a comprehensive dental plan of action, the team from Lowry Advanced Dental will work with you giving you exactly what you want and need in just six months. Just imagine, a healthy and new smile in just 182 days.

Faster and Better with a Six Month Smile

Because your cosmetic dentist in Denver has the experience and knowledge he provides treatments that make the best of your precious time.

Using the best procedures for teeth whitening, straightening and filling. There is nothing that can’t be done in a half a year when you become a patient of Lowry Advanced Dental in Denver.

Your Schedule and Budget

When you opt for the Six Month Smile program you can expect everything to be held to your budget.

By creating a comprehensive package of services for your needs you are eliminating the high cost of dental care because you are not paying for each individual service.

One of the biggest advantages of the Six Month Smile system is time. Most people do not have hours every week to sit in the dentists chair and that is where this amazing program comes in.

Six Month Smile Under One Roof

Another major advantage of working with Dr. Gambee and his team is that you won’t have to drive all over town. From restoration milling to billing and more, you won’t have to leave the comfort of the dental practice when you become a patient of Lowry Advanced Dental.

Schedule an Appointment

If you would like to learn more about the Six Month Smile system, call or send a text and schedule an appointment.

Your new smile is waiting. Call or send a direct message to a team member from Lowry Advanced Dental today.

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